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Viacheslav Naumov

Logo &
Visual Identity


I’m Viacheslav Naumov, a logo & visual identity designer.

My passion is modernism and minimalism. I find myself immersed in technology and nature. I live in an industrial sea town. You may find me near the water, either swimming or sketching.

I believe the Universe has enough resources to make all people happy. Believe in yourself and do what you love.

Work Process
1. Design Brief

Contact me. After I receive your message, I will reply with a design brief. Please, fill this form out to the best of your ability. This allows me to get a better idea of your creative visions and other essential information.

2. 50% Upfront Payment

After we agree upon the cost of the project, I request a 50% upfront payment before work begins. This is to ensure both of us are committed and serious about the design process.

3. Initial Designs

I then begin researching and sketching. This process will take into account the design brief and my experience in logo design space. I don’t send raw ideas. After polishing my designs, I will send you only the best options and ask you to choose the design direction.

4. Revise (if you needed)

Revisions can be as simple as changing the color or changing the design elements. I take into account your comments and ideas throughout every revision. I want you to be fully satisfied with the outcome. I strive to meet and exceed your needs while revising the design until perfection.

5. 50% Payment

After you have decided on the Final design and are ready for the files. I request the remaining 50% of the agreed upon price.

6. Delivery

I package your project into a ZIP folder and send it to you. This archive contains high-resolution PNG (transparent) file and vector files.


Hello, I’ve been expecting you.
Drop me a line for inquiries,
collaborations, or just to say hello.